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Celebrating a Century of Visual Wonders.

Centennial Book – 100 years in 100 objects

Coordinators: Pedro Raposo (Chief editor), Andreas Schmidt (GDP/publisher liaison)
Contact for sponsors: Christina Guth, CGW GmbH

From various approaches for an anniversary book, the IPS working group selected this concept in early 2021 for implementation: The history of the planetarium is to be told in 100 symbolic objects, each of which is presented in image and text; explaining the significance of the object. It will feature “obvious” objects (e.g. the Zeiss model 1) as well as purely symbolic objects (e.g. a historical admission ticket).

The book is being edited by Pedro Raposo (Adler Planetarium, Chicago) and co-editors  Mike Smail (Adler Planetarium), Charlotte Bigg (Paris), and Katie Boyce-Jacino (Arizona State University). The editorial team was constituted in summer 2021. They will contact the authors for the individual articles/objects, coordinate their work, clarify image rights, and edit the texts into their final form.

The book is to be published in English and German, presumably by publisher Springer, with whom discussions are in progress, coordinated by Andreas Schmidt (GDP).

Once an agreement is reached with the publisher, IPS will promote the book among planetariums worldwide. It is to be published presumably as part of the opening ceremony on October 21, 2023.

Information on how and where to order the book will be posted here, once all details are clarified.

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