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Celebrating a Century of Visual Wonders.

Centennial Book - 100 years in 100 objects, Centennial Projects

Centennial book project – be a contributing author!

As part of the Planetarium Centennial Celebrations, we will be publishing a book and you can contribute!
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As part of the Planetarium Centennial Celebrations, the IPS History of the Planetarium Working Group will be publishing a book provisionally titled 100 Years of Planetaria, 100 Stories: People, Places, and Devices.

It will be a highly illustrated and readable book with 100 stories centered on a variety of objects that connect people, science, culture, and society around planetaria, since the early magic lantern shows to today’s digital planetaria, all over the world.

While planetarium projectors and buildings have played a central part in the history of planetaria, this book goes beyond those evident choices. It will also highlight less obvious items that help shed light on other important aspects of that history – be it a work of art revealing how the aesthetics of sky shows have changed over time; a piece of memorabilia indicating how a certain planetarium wanted to be remembered by its visitors; or a device or advertisement hinting at how planetaria have sought to become more accessible and inclusive.

If you are interested in contributing one or more stories to this book, please use the contact form below.