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Celebrating a Century of Visual Wonders.

Abrafaxe Comic Book about the History of the Planetarium by Publisher Mosaik

Coordinator: Jörg Fiedler

This project with the German publisher “Mosaik” is to produce a comic style book about the invention and early history of the planetarium. Originally this was conceived as a comic book series within this publisher’s very successful larger comic series, in German, followed by a collection book in English and other languages. In 2021, the publisher decided not to publish  a series, but to directly produce a book. While the publisher is fully responsible for all aspects of their production, the GDP Centennial group assists them with history information and further background information.

The date of the release has yet to be clarified, as well as how GDP, IPS, and the Planetariums will be involved in the release.

Once this book is available, information on sales will be posted here.

Project News

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