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Celebrating a Century of Visual Wonders.

Commemorative Stamp (German Postal Service)

Coordinator: Max Rößner

GDP’s suggestion for a special German mail stamp was submitted together with letters of support from dozens of high-ranking public supporters (mayors of large planetarium-operating cities, etc.).
Our proposal was accepted by the German government in November 2021: The special stamp “100 years of the planetarium” will be published in October 2023.
By mid-2022, the graphics draft for the stamp was finalized with the consultation of GDP. But we are not allowed to publish the stamp design yet – we will present it here after its official release, on October 21, 2023!
We hope that this project can serve as a model for similar, official commemorative stamps or coins also in other countries – maybe in 2025, to celebrate the planetarium Centennial in this way also in your country?

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