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Celebrating a Century of Visual Wonders.

Centennial of the Planetarium – Fulldome Trailer

coordinator: Björn Voss

A video trailer for the Centennial is already available (on Youtube and on our website). Now a fulldome trailer is being produced by Rocco Helmchen, financed by IPS (provision of funds) and coordinated by GDP.

While the YouTube trailer primarily has the function of informing the general public about what modern planetariums are offering to their audiences today, and is therefore aimed at people who are not familiar with modern planetariums, the fulldome trailer is naturally aimed at people who are already visiting a planetarium. It will be produced in 2 versions:

1)    about 5 minutes long; to be presented at relevant celebrations and events; before, during, and after the anniversary year (e.g. opening ceremony, local show premieres, conferences, …)

2)    Short (less than a minute), to be presented before e.g. artistic performances, Domecast events, …, i.e., before every special event of during the anniversary year, simply making the statement to the audience “this following event is part of an anniversary year with many more activities going on”

Both versions are to be completed by June 2022.

As soon as they are available, download options will be posted here.

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