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Celebrating a Century of Visual Wonders.

Launch Event

Coordinators: Björn Voss, Volkmar Schorcht, Christian Sicka, Stefan Harnisch
Contact for sponsors: Christina Guth, CGW GmbH

The anniversary year will be opened on October 21, 2023 in a joint, parallel celebration at Planetarium Jena and at Deutsches Museum in Munich. Both venues will be connected live throughout the event, and the event will be presented in a joint moderation dialogue between both sites.

Currently, the details for this event are being discussed between IPS, GDP, Deutsches Museum and Planetarium Jena:

  • Elements that require a large dome (show premiere; fulldome clip competition) will probably be presented in Jena.
  • Elements focusing on historical aspects and physical exhibits (especially the model 1) are likely to be presented in Munich
  • Adresses by patrons and sponsors should take place equally in Jena and Munich
  • The location of all other elements (book publication, presentation of the anniversary mail stamp, presentation of the poster competition, … ) is still being discussed

There are plans to include the “second model 1” projector for projections during the ceremony. The current owner and operator is Mr. Romke Schievink, at a small planetarium near Bremen, Germany. The projector likely cannot be moved to either munich or Jena for the event, so any projections will have to be transmitted online as part of the event. All details still need to be discussed.

The event language will be English, and the event will be broadcast online.

A project of the Fraunhofer Foundation (“Virtual LiVe”) recently demonstrated a fulldome live transmission with “virtual presence” capabilities in a particularly high quality (particularly low latency, “frame synchronous”). Their technologies could be an opportunity to implement the joint event in a particularly high-quality and innovative way.

Project News

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