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Celebrating a Century of Visual Wonders.

Launch Event

Coordinators: Björn Voss, Volkmar Schorcht, Christian Sicka, Stefan Harnisch

The anniversary year will be opened on October 21, 2023 in a joint, parallel celebration at Planetarium Jena and at Deutsches Museum in Munich. Both venues will be connected live throughout the event, and the event will be presented in a joint moderation dialogue between both sites.
Currently, the details for this event are being prepared by IPS, GDP, Deutsches Museum, Planetarium Jena, and the Carl Zeiss company. The event will encompass:
  • personal adresses by patron and ambassadors of the Centennial
  • online adresses from planetariums of other continents (one per continent)
  • premiere of the anniversary planetarium show
  • presentation of the art&design contest winners (posters, fulldome clips)
  • presentation of the Centennial book
  • unveiling, kickoff or introduction of other Centennial projects (exhibition, emoji, commemorative stamp, etc.)
The event language will be English, and the event will be broadcast online.
There are plans to include the “second model 1” projector for projections during the ceremony. This projector is a near-identical copy of the very first planetarium projector. It is still operational, and is currently operated at a small planetarium near Bremen, Germany. This projector likely cannot be moved to Munich or Jena for this event, but its projection might be live transmitted online as part of the event. This is currently still under discussion.
Further information, including the link to view the event online, will be posted here as it becomes available.

Project News

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Program of the Gala Event

Program 100 Years Planetarium Opening and Gala Event 21 October 2023 Simultaneously in Jena and Munich Hosted by Dr. Suzanna Randall and Jens Pflüger ———————————————————————–

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