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Celebrating a Century of Visual Wonders.

Celebrate harder - a Contest for the best Local Projects

Congratulations to the winners of the ‘Local Projects’ competition

URANIA-Planetarium in Potsdam © Yvonne Dickopf

Here are the winners of the IPS Centennial ‘Local Projects’ competition! Congratulations!

  1. We bring Space Exploration close to You!‘ from Balazs Forgacs (Hungary)
  2. Celebrating a Century of Visual Wonders‘ from Ana Maria Milla (Peru)
  3. Tikva Mobile Planetarium‘ from Darinka Andrea Villarroel Pereira (Chile)
  4. Celebrating the Centennial of the Planetariums‘ from Marco Avalos Dittel (Costa Rica)
  5. Celebrations 50 Years Planetarium Cottbus – 100 Years Projection Planetarium‘ from Gerd Thiele (Germany)
  6. Celebration of the Centennial of the Planetarium 2023‘ from Alejandro Casales Navarrete (Mexico)
  7. 100 Years of the First Public Demonstration of the Zeiss Model I Planetarium‘ from Maximiliano Bandres Diaz (Venezuela)
  8. 10 Years of the Mobile Planetarium of Univates and 100 Years of Planetariums‘ from Andreia Spessatto de Maman (Brazil)
  9. Sida Tsoatsoas – Return to the Kalahari‘ from Daniel Cunnama (South Africa)
  10. 100 Years of The Planetarium Comes to Southwest Florida‘ from Heather Preston (USA)
  11. 100 Years of Planetariums in the World‘ from Angela Patricia Perez Henao (Colombia)
  12. The First Mobile Planetarium Project in Paraguay‘ from Bryant Gonzalez Vasquez (Paraguay)
  13. Porto Planetarium – Ciência Viva Center (PP-CCV)‘ from Ilídio André Pinto Monteiro da Costa (Portugal)
  14. Planetarium Show at Kurasini Orphanage Centre‘ from Musa Mishamo (Tanzania)
  15. Book 70 Years of the Planetarium in South America‘ from Carlos Augusto Molina (Colombia)
  16. Indonesia First Virtual Mobile Planetarium Show‘ from Alfiah Rizky Diana Putri (Indonesia)