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Celebrating a Century of Visual Wonders.

The Quest for a Planetarium Emoji

Coordinator: Meike Weisner (graphics), NN (application)
Contact for sponsors: Christina Guth, CGW GmbH

There should be a “planetarium” emoji, which can be used in all “usual” places (smartphones, tablets, apps, …). To achieve this, it is necessary to submit graphic designs together with detailed explanations, within certain deadlines, the next possibility being in August 2022.

Meike Weisner created drafts, which she presented in February 2022:

The drafts were evaluated by the GDP and IPS working groups, and are currently being refined.

As a next step, we will need help within GDP and IPS to create textual explanations that need to accompany the graphic designs as part of the official application for this emoji.

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