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Celebrating a Century of Visual Wonders.

On the Road – A Centennial Travelling Exhibition

Coordinator: Board of the GDP

GDP is preparing a small exhibition that will travel to cities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and be shown in public places such as shopping malls or other event locations with access to the general public. The intention of this exhibition is to present the modern planetarium to persons who are not familiar with planetariums.
The exhibition will include a small projection dome, to illustrate typical content that modern planetariums present to their audiences, as well as physical exhibits to raise the interest in the topic and multimedia applications to explain the history and current technology of planetariums.
The exhibition is currently in  preparation, and will be presented in a first location in late 2023 or 2024.
Maybe it can serve as a template for similar exhibitions that might be created and presented in your region of the world? Please contact us if you like to hear more!

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