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Celebrating a Century of Visual Wonders.

100 Years of Eternity

Planetarium Show


“100 Years of Eternity,” is a 35-minute planetarium program produced on the occasion of the centennial of the projection planetarium. It casts a worthy look at the cultural and intellectual history of this unique institution, placing the planetarium within a far-reaching historical arc of human engagement with the sky. “100 Years of Eternity” is not only a wonderful planetarium program in itself, but also a great asset for bringing the fascination of the planetarium closer to potential sponsors or patrons and winning them over for your institution.

“100 Years of Eternity” is offered throughout the centennial year, until May 2025, at very accommodating prices as a license valid for 50 years. To enable every interested party to show the program in their own planetarium, there are also special price adjustments for small planetariums or those in difficult circumstances. The program is entirely free for anyone creating a new, not yet available language version. “100 Years of Eternity,” has been authored and created by Tobias Wiethoff in cooperation with Bochum Planetarium on behalf of the GdP (Association of German-Speaking Planetariums) . The revenues associated with the licenses are exclusively used for centennial-related activities of the GdP (Association of German Speaking Planetariums), thereby benefiting the planetarium community.

A supplementary “360° Package” with a special license to use “100 Years of Eternity” visuals in live settings like concerts and lectures including additional immersive materials not part of the automated planetarium program is optionally available.

With a request for “100 years of Eternity” or any questions regarding the program, please contact:

eternity (at) planetarium100.org


  • Regular price: €800.
  • Special price adjustments for small planetariums or those in difficult circumstances are available
  • The Show is entirely free for anyone producing a not yet available language track.
  • An optional “360° Package” with a special license to use ”100 Years of Eternity” visuals in live settings like concerts and lectures, incl. additional 360° material is available for €360.


The show can be obtained in various formats to fit the specific requirements of your planetarium system.
All formats are available as a “optomechnaical” Version to be used with a star projector or as an “all digital” version.

Video: 4K Domevideo at 30 fps available in HEVC H265. H264. M2v, Domemaster (~300GB) via download.
Audio: 5.1 wav Audio tracks and / or 8.7.1. Spatial Audio via download.
Standard Language tracks are English and German.
Materials: The show comes with a marketing package including printable poster, text and images for your planetarium website and other marketing related purposes.


For images, a virtual dome excerpt and more information about the author and creator of
100 Years of Eternity visit www.tobiaswiethoff.com