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Celebrating a Century of Visual Wonders.

Celebrate harder – a Contest for the best Local Projects

Coordinator: Guilherme Marranghello

The Planetarium Centennial celebration must be a global celebration. Thus we encourage every Planetarian: Hold your own event in celebration of the Centennial!

This could be a Centennial-themed celebration of the anniversary of your own planetarium; a Centennial-themed concert or other cultural event, or an activity or presentation of your planetarium to be offered on the annual day of planetariums, May 7th – just to name a few examples. Certainly there are could be many more ideas, depending on your region and municipality!
To help realize the best ideas for activities, exhibitions, shows, inclusive materials and much more during the centennial celebration, from 2023 to 2025, IPS will be offering grants of up to USD 1.000,00. Overall, IPS will fund a total of USD 10.000,00 for these projects.

Project News

Category Picture Domecasting Series

Call for local Project Ideas

Grants to support local projects – Submission Guidelines Main goal: The Planetarium Centennial year must be a globally celebrated anniversary. The idea of offering grants

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