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Celebrating a Century of Visual Wonders.

What the Stars Are Saying – Celebrities share their Planetarium Stories

Coordinator: NN
Contact for sponsors: Christina Guth, CGW GmbH

The aim of this project is to obtain short video messages from celebrities, in which they share positive thoughts or views concerning planetariums – what they think of it, what they appreciate about it, a recent relevant experience in a planetarium, … – the objective being that positive quotes from celebrities of different walks of life (politics, business, show business, science, …) are collected and presented, and thus help promote the planetariums.

Currently, this project has not started. It needs strategies on how to get as many people as possible to help us with their contacts. There was a suggestion to involve radio stations as supporters; but this would also have to be organized – we would need a campaign in which planetariums contact their local celebrities, or local radio stations who might have more relevant contacts.

Once the first celebrity testimonials have been recorded, they will be made available here.

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