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Celebrating a Century of Visual Wonders.



In order to exchange ideas and to work on specific topics, members of the GDP have founded working groups or working groups are in preparation.

Forum of the GDP

For a better exchange between the working groups a forum has been created. 

Planetarium Leads Working Group

Contact person:

Dirk Schlesier, Planetarium Halle (Saale)

Tel.: +49 345 221 4183

E-Mail: dirk.schlesier (at) halle.de


The members of the working group usually meet twice a year – end of April or beginning of May (during the GDP meeting) and in November.

Planetarium didactics working group

Contact person:

Julia Lanz Kröchert, Wolfsburg Planetarium

Tel.: +49 5361 890 255 10

E-Mail: Julia.Lanz-Kroechert (at) planetarium-wolfsburg.de

Short Description:

The working group “Planetarium Didactics” is dedicated to astronomical knowledge transfer, the core competence of planetariums. It offers a platform for a professional-didactic exchange of experience and topic-related discussions.

Taking into account the technical possibilities and the current state of science, means and methods for vivid, entertaining and instructive planetarium presentations are made accessible to each other.


The members of the working group usually meet twice a year – at the end of April or beginning of May (in the context of the GDP meeting) and in November.

Working Group Licensing Issues

Contact person:

Dr. Christian Theis, Planetarium Mannheim

E-Mail: AGLizenzfragen (at) planetarium-mannheim.de

Short Description:

The WG’s mission is to discuss licensing issues related to planetarium productions, to promote communication in this regard within the planetarium community, to provide a platform for collaboration in this area, and in particular to develop approaches to solutions or to support their development in subgroups. Currently, the working group is focusing on licensing issues in the area of music use.

Working Group Public Relations in Planetariums

Contact person:

Judith Holländer, Freundeskreis des Planetariums Bochum

Fulldome Content Working Group

Contact person:

Tobias Wiethoff, Planetarium Bochum

Rocco Helmchen, freelance producer

Ralph Heinsohn, freelance producer

Portable Planetarium Committee of the IPS

Contact person:

Matthias Rode, www.schulplanetarium.de, Melsungen, Germany

Tel.: +49 5661 9199661

E-mail: info (at) schulplanetarium.de

The PPC (“Portable Planetarium Committee”) of the IPS supports, advises and helps interested parties in the operation of small planetariums with regard to technical, organizational and economic issues.

Interactive course plans for planetarium lessons at different age and level levels are developed and discussed. Technical developments are tracked, documented, and compared.

The PPC is currently working on the “IPS Portable Planetarium Handbook”.The contact person forwards the information of the PPC to the mobile planetariums in the German-speaking countries and vice versa the problems and concerns of the mobile planetarians to the PPC.

Working Group "100 Years Planetarium"

Contact person:

 Dr. Björn Voß, Planetarium Hamburg

Tel.: +49 (0)40 428 86 52-50

E-Mail: bjoern.voss (at) planetarium-hamburg.de

Short Description:

The working group “100 Years Planetarium” plans actions and offers for the upcoming 100th anniversary of the construction and opening of the first projection planetarium. A star projector was first demonstrated in the fall of 1923; the world’s first planetarium opened in Munich in May 1925.

The International Planetarium Society (IPS) is preparing a worldwide celebration year to mark the 100th anniversary of these events. The role of the GDP working group on this topic is to help develop the plans of the IPS, to implement them in the German-speaking countries, and to prepare our own regional activities for this period, to inform the public about them, and to use this occasion to present to the public what modern planetariums can do today.


The members of the working group usually meet twice a year – in late April or early May (during the GDP meeting) and in November. In addition, there are meetings in the online forum of the GDP, as well as via Skype or similar.