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Celebrating a Century of Visual Wonders.

Supplementary Packages for Planetariums

Coordinators: GDP Association Board

The Supplementary Packages for Planetariums will contain a variety of materials to support planetariums worldwide in many aspects of communicating the content of the anniversary.

Among other things, they will include:

  • Preproduced and customizable texts to announce and explain the anniversary both in classic and social media, including the corresponding graphic material
  • Didactic and graphical material for the anniversary show “Kira“:
    Beyond the adventurous and futuristic story, the anniversary show “Kira” offers many opportunities for subsequent educational work with students. The didactic material provides starting points addressing various aspects of the show, which strengthen the planetarium as an extracurricular place of learning. Topics covered are sustainability and the environment, media skills, digitization, artificial intelligence, but also astronomy and space travel.
  • A copy of the centennial book “100 years in 100 objects”
  • The 25-minute fulldome production “100 Years of Eternity” on the history of the planetarium
    Along high-resolution 360˚ imagery and immersive animations, the audience in the production “100 Years of Eternity” embarks on a cultural and historical journey, the individual paths of which converge a century ago in Jena. The production can optionally be presented with digital stars or in combination with an opto-mechanical star projector. “100 Years of Eternity” is easy to follow and converts the fascinating idea of the projection planetarium into a sensual experience.You can find out more about 100 Years of Eternity here.

It is very important to the producers of the Supplementary Packages at GDP to keep the price as low as possible to give all planetariums worldwide the opportunity to use the companion material. The Supplementary Packages are available in three price categories with different amounts of material: 330 euros, 660 euros and 990 euros.

Information on dates of delivery, shipping and downloads will be made available here as soon as they are available.

Information about the Supplementary Packages (pdf English).
Information about the Supplementary Packages (pdf German).

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