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Celebrating a Century of Visual Wonders.

The stars were only the beginning

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We would like to thank the Carl-Zeiss Foundation for supporting the international anniversary as our main benefactor!

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ePlanetarium, home of the Discovery Dome, offers fully portable digital planetariums, with educational fulldome videos, and digital star-fields. We bring the field trip to you. Affordable, Accessible, Awesome!


Customized solutions with foresight

Beckerbillett is one of the leading ticketing providers in German-speaking countries. As a long-standing, reliable partner for star theaters as well as many other cultural and leisure facilities, we offer ticket printing, software, hardware and online store.

We provide you with individual access control systems, cash registers and printers from a single source. In this way, we contribute to improved processes, greater security and smooth administration.

In addition, with the Global API, we provide you with a smart connection to various cooperation partners and make your online ticket sales even more efficient.

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BRESSER – Expand your horizons

For 66 years, Bresser GmbH has stood for high-quality optics with a very good price-performance ratio. Excellent telescopes, eyepieces, large binoculars, but also mounts and other accessories – a focus of the Germany-based company has been on astronomical equipment for many decades. Fascinated by the wonders of the universe, the employees enthusiastically put all their expertise and experience into product development and testing. The result is impressive: from beginners to professionals, Bresser gives everyone who is curious a unique insight into space. Bringing astronomy closer to as many people as possible is also the goal of the Josef Bresser Observatory, which is dedicated to the company founder and is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.

Strong brands for celestial

observations Bresser GmbH covers the entire range of celestial observation with its own developed optics and astronomy accessories from its own brands BRESSER and EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC as well as the licensed brands NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC and ISA Space Exploration. With the BRESSER JUNIOR telescopes specially developed for children, tomorrow’s space researchers can also discover the night sky on their own. The quality products from Vixen – mostly made in Japan – and from LUNT Solar Systems for absolutely safe solar observation, together with the domes from PULSAR Observatories, round off the diverse offering for astronomy enthusiasts.

Always keeping an eye on customer satisfaction

Excellent prospects for many years to come: Bresser customers can look forward to this. Because the manufacturer impresses with excellent service before and after the purchase. Many products also have extended warranties – perfect conditions for enjoying carefree hours under the stars!


100 years of fascination

Since the beginning of time, people have been fascinated by the starry sky and the mysteries of the universe.

In 1923, the starry sky was brought down to earth: The first planetarium projector was unveiled in Jena.

On May 7, 1925, the first planetarium went into operation with the opening of the Deutsches Museum in Munich.

Today, planetariums uncover the secrets of the universe for you – planetariums are a gateway to space; they also inform and inspire by creating visual and musical worlds of experience.

Planetariums have evolved greatly since 1923. Today, the entire universe can be presented realistically and, as it were, to touch; this sets new standards in science education. In addition to vivid presentations of scientific content, live concerts, laser shows and other cultural offerings fascinate visitors and make their eyes light up. Every visit to the planetarium stimulates thought, discussion and further storytelling.

From 2023 to 2025, celebrate the “Centennial of the Planetarium” with us worldwide – we cordially invite you!

Infographic Planetarium activities

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