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Celebrating a Century of Visual Wonders.

Closing Event – Highlights from 100 years

Coordinator: Björn Voss

The final element of the Centennial celebrations is going to be the 100th Birthday itself: On May 7th, 1925, the world’s first planetarium was opened. This “birthday of the planetariums” will be celebrated by today’s planetariums every year on May 7th.
The 100th birthday, on May 7th, 2025, will be not just the closing event, but the grand culmination of the anniversary year!
As a global event, it will take place on all continents on the same day. Part of the vision is to host this event not at one or two planetariums, but online-streamed or domecasted elements of the celebration will be contributed from numerous planetariums around the world, all part of a pre-planned choreography of celebrations that “move” around the globe on this special day.
Elements to be included from the contributing planetariums may include addresses by patrons and “ambassadors” of the Centennial,  by celebrities and scientists, as well as from politics and industry; live streamed contributions from scientifically relevant locations (e.g. from large observatories, or even from space), as well as fulldome arts and science visualisation highlights, all streamed live as part of the global celebration.

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