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Celebrating a Century of Visual Wonders.

Centennial Art&Design Contest, Centennial Projects

Call for Entries – Enter our Art&Design Contest now!

Category Picture Art Design Contest

The competition

The IPS with the support of its local affiliates hereby announces a contest to design one or more posters in two categories for the anniversary. The categories are:

1. Anniversary poster – to promote the anniversary and related activities

Design as a trans-regional poster with interchangeable text (various languages) as a central motif to promote the anniversary and anniversary events.

2. Artistic posters – for exhibitions in planetariums and other suitable locations

Design of artistic posters that deal with the planetarium theme in a variety of different ways. Interested parties may participate in one or both categories.

The deadlines

Submissions must be made by September 1, 2023.

The winners of the competition will be presented with their prizes on October 21, 2023, during the anniversary ceremony.

The prizes

The following prizes will be awarded per category:

1st prize: 1000 USD
2nd prize: 500 USD
3rd prize: 250 USD
Honorary prize: for all submissions used as part of the planned marketing package for planetariums.

The participants

The competition is open to designers and creative artists in all countries. Participation is open to self-taught designers as well as to individuals and teams working professionally in the design field. A personal or professional connection to planetariums is not required. However, intensive involvement with the subject of planetariums is a prerequisite (see “The Topics” below).

The specifications


All participants may submit one to a maximum of three posters to the competition. They can be single posters or a series of up to five posters.


The submitters warrant that the poster design does not infringe any third party rights or that third party rights have been obtained for the use provided herein. They indemnify IPS and Affiliates against any claims against third parties based on an infringement of rights. IPS and Affiliates reserve the right to exclude entries from the competition where there is doubt as to whether corresponding rights exist.

The entrants declare their consent that the posters may be published in printed or digital form, geographically and temporally unrestricted, primarily but not exclusively in the following institutions and media:

  • – Planetariums international (advertising, exhibition) – Information centers internationally
  • public space (posters)
  • Websites of the IPS and all affiliates
  • Websites of planetariums international
  • Websites of universities of similar institutions
  • Press publications
  • Social media (e.g. Facebook/Instagram/Twitter)

The authors are identified by name. The rights are granted free of charge and without any restrictions in terms of location, time or content. It includes the right of translation and localization, of format and image size adjustments.

By participating in the competition, all entrants accept the terms and conditions of this call for entries.

1. Anniversary poster

Free design. The decisive factor is the suitability for advertising the anniversary. Reference to the planetarium as a venue must be visible. Localization: allow imprint or design adaptation for planetarium facilities (name + logo).
Desirable, but not obligatory, is a design with several variants of a recognizable design (“poster sequence”) for longer-term use during the anniversary period. This is intended to attract repeated attention when posters are displayed at the same location. Design solutions without bleed for international format adjustments are equally desirable, but not required.

Technical specifications

  • Digital format: editable PDF, Photoshop or InDesign file with layers.
  • Portrait format: max. A0 (84.1 x 118.9 cm), 70 cm x 100 cm, or A1 (59.4 x 84.1 cm) plus 3 mm bleed. Larger formats permitted with same aspect ratio. Attachment in 24bit RGB, 300 dpi. Please allow for reduction to A4 without significant loss of detail (line widths, etc.).
  • Create texts separately and editable. Keep font size and space generous for foreign language adaptations. Provide graphic texts in at least the following language versions: English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese.

2. Art poster


Free design. No specific theme is given. For orientation, the following three groups of topics can be used.

Technical specifications

  • The specifications under Anniversary Posters apply analogously. However, format deviations are permissible.
  • As far as possible, create texts separately and editable.

The themes

Thematically, posters must refer to planetariums as venues. Planetariums in the form of software (apps) are not included. The following three thematic groups serve as orientation:

  • The social relevance of planetariums (central theme)
  • the mission – why planetariums exist
  • Planetarium yesterday – today – tomorrow
  • Planetarium as a cultural asset
  • Images of the world – world images in the planetarium
  • Education in the planetarium
  • Culture in the Planetarium
  • Entertainment in the Planetarium
  • Inspirations at the Planetarium
  • Astronomy at the Planetarium
  • Science and Science Methodology at the Planetarium
  • Gaining knowledge and forming opinions in the planetarium
  • Visualization and understanding in the planetarium
  • Actuality in the planetarium (research results, social topics such as environmental protection, sustainability, etc.)
  • Planetariums as communication partners of the specialized science and institutes including space travel

The appearance of planetariums

Here, architecture, technology and relationships (planetariums among themselves and within a community, city, institutions, etc.) can be addressed. The term “planetarium” with its various aspects can also be assigned to the appearance.

  • Conceptuality planetarium (big, small, fixed, mobile, starball, fulldome, what all belongs to it…)
  • Architecture, planetarium buildings, building forms
  • Planetarium technology
  • How planetariums differ from cinemas, museums, etc.
  • Connection of planetarium and observatory, science center, museums and planetariums
  • Immersion in the dome space
  • Presentation forms in the planetarium (live, video, real-time visualizations, domecasts, etc.)
  • Networking of planetariums, planetarium societies
  • Planetariums as name bearers for philanthropists, personalities and companies
  • Special events in the planetarium (readings, concerts, weddings, celebrations, etc.)
  • The planetarium in 100 years

Personal relation to the planetarium

Personal experiences, inspirations, awarenesses and evaluations with and in the planetarium are under consideration here.

  • My aha-experience in the planetarium
  • My earliest memory of the planetarium
  • My most beautiful experience in the planetarium • Working in and for the planetarium
  • Why I value the planetarium

The jury

The international jury is composed of representatives of IPS/Affiliates, media experts (university professors) and artists.

The decision of the jury is made by majority and is not legally contestable.

The submission

Submissions should be made until September 1st, 2023 using the form below.