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Celebrating a Century of Visual Wonders.

“100 years planetarium” as the focus of the conference of the German-speaking Planetarium Society (GDP)

The view at the recent annual meeting of the GDP at the Science Center experimenta in Heilbronn went far beyond the normal programme. In various workshops, the participants dealt with the planned activities in the anniversary year.

Bochum, 24.05.2022

The planetarium will be 100 years old in 2023. At its conference at the end of April, the Gesellschaft Deutschsprachiger Planetarien e.V. presented the preparations for the centenary under the slogan “The stars were only the beginning”. The view at the recent annual meeting of the GDP at the Science Center experimenta in Heilbronn therefore went far beyond the normal programme. In various workshops, the participants dealt with the planned activities in the anniversary year.

Planetarium show brings fascination to life

These include an extraordinary planetarium show that will be shown in all participating planetariums, a travelling exhibition, a book project, an opening event in autumn 2023 and many other measures.

Looking at the stars unites humanity. For thousands of years, we have been fascinated by the vastness of the universe, in every era and in every culture. Looking up at the sky is an experience that all people can share – across all temporal and spatial boundaries.

Planetariums bring this fascination to life: “100 years planetarium” is an international anniversary that celebrates German inventiveness and the triumph of the planetarium around the world. Today, more than 3,000 planetariums on all continents convey astronomy, natural sciences, art and culture. They use audio-visual technologies that have always been at the forefront of their time. Today, planetariums offer an immersive experience that captivates the audience and can thus convey even the most complex content in a low-threshold way.

Anniversary celebrated with special stamp

In addition, the GDP, together with the IPS (International Planetarium Society), is applying for UNESCO cultural heritage status with the “100 years planetarium” project. The special stamp to mark the anniversary has already been issued. Prominent patrons will accompany the anniversary. Thanks to a grant from the Carl Zeiss Foundation, a large part of these measures can be realised.

Supporters and sponsors are welcome

To ensure that the anniversary is a great success both nationally and internationally, those responsible are looking for further sponsors and supporters. As partners of “100 years planetarium”, companies will benefit from high visibility in the activities as well as wide-ranging press and public relations work during the entire anniversary period. Supporters of the anniversary are also actively involved in the educational work of the planetariums and thus promote science and culture.

“We have been preparing the anniversary for months in various committees and working groups. The measures extend over a period of two years and are intended to captivate as many people as possible. There are more than 3000 planetariums worldwide – together with the International Planetarium Society (IPS), we are planning cross-border activities that will bring us all a little closer to heaven. Of course, it would be fantastic if companies could be found to support us in this,” says Dr. Björn Voss, President of the GDP.

Planetariums are strong educational partners

Planetariums are extracurricular places of learning that broaden horizons in the truest sense of the word: Thanks to innovative planetarium technology, visitors travel deep into space and learn about the solar system as well as the history of the Earth. Planetariums inspire, impart knowledge about stars and planets, inspire enthusiasm for science and technology and combine science, art and culture in a very special way. Planetariums enable us humans to better understand the Earth and awaken an awareness for environmentally friendly action – not only on a rational but also on an emotional level. At planetarium shows, live concerts and other cultural events, children and adults experience the “fascination of the universe” at first hand. With this diversity, planetariums make an enormous contribution to scientific, cultural and social education.

Interested parties are welcome to contact us by e-mail: info@planetarium100.org

About the GDP

The Gesellschaft Deutschsprachiger Planetarien e.V. (GDP) is an association of planetariums, their employees, and people interested in planetariums, mainly from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, but also from other countries, with the goal of promoting cooperation among planetariums in the German-speaking world. The society was founded in May 2011 and is recognized as a non-profit organization.


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